Introducing Our New Website: Built with the Help of our Football Community

July 20, 2022
Tom at Wembley. Credit: Stuff Media.

When the team at the New Zealand Football Foundation decided it was time to give our website a refresh, the team at Trigger Digital seemed the perfect partner to make it happen. Trigger Digital are committed to providing quality digital services to smaller organizations and charities like us in Aotearoa New Zealand, so that we can reach the communities we serve. Tom Steward and his team believe that digital services can make a big difference, just as the Foundation believes football’s impact goes far beyond the pitch.  

The Foundation is very grateful to the team at Trigger Digital for a website that meets all of our needs. Trigger also sponsored part of the cost of the build, which makes a big difference to smaller organisations like the Foundation.  

Tom is also a member of our football community, with a remarkable connection to the game. Tom’s great-great-great uncle Herbert was a founding member of the Football Association (FA) in England, the governing body which gave the world organised football in the form we now know it. As you can read in article by here, Tom travelled to Wembley Stadium in London in 2013 for the 150 Anniversary of the FA. Coming from the furthest afield – New Zealand – Tom was interviewed by the BBC, having been contacted by a historian working at the FA.  

The FA created formal competitions in England, and eventually finalised the rules of football that most closely resemble the modern game. The impact of the inaugural body is profound. As Tom’s story shows, that impact travels easily across centuries.  

The Football Foundation also believes that the power of football is bigger than sport. The work we do, using football for good, is work that we hope lasts for the generations to come. We use football to help communities make change, big or small, to improve their lives. Our new website is going to be a big part of our work for years to come. It will help us reach communities, connect with partners, support a wide range of projects, and use Football For Good. It is fitting then, that one of the developers who so generously supported and sponsored the build, should be the great-great-great nephew of someone who made the game of football what it is today. After all, there can be no football for good without football!

Our Partners & Supporters

Every team needs supporters.  At the New Zealand Football Foundation we are so grateful for our partners who believe in Football For Good just as much as we do. They know the power of sport to make real change in society and they are committed to helping us do the māhi to support our communities.  The generosity of our partners is crucial to enable us to support so many worthy projects.  

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