Giving back to the game has its benefits.

May 25, 2020

Steve and Christine Horne are first and foremost, Football Fans. They both love football and always have.

Having spent most of their lives living in the USA and were big supporters of particularly the US National Team. So, when they returned to New Zealand, they decided to attach themselves to Football in New Zealand.

“We heard about the Football Foundation and we were excited that we could be involved in helping to develop and grow the game. And it’s been a lot of fun!” said Steve Horne.

The Horne’s have donated to the New Zealand Football Foundation whose goal is to contribute to a better New Zealand through football. Their donation will help the engagement of youth in a game for life, the enhancement of the role of women and girls in football, social impact through the game and innovation in football.

When asked why they decided to donate, Steve and Christine’s passion really showed.

“For both of us it’s allowed continued involvement in the game we love. We both were lucky enough to go to the Women’s World Cup in 2019 with the football ferns and had an amazing time” said Steve Horne.

“The Football Foundation has had a real impact on helping young players looking for professional contracts overseas. And I think their support of the Kate Sheppard Cup has raised the standard and the level of awareness about women’s football in New Zealand”

“Philanthropy and charitable giving are a big part of our lives and it should be for others if they have got that opportunity. Also, by making a charitable contribution in New Zealand you get a tax deduction which is an added benefit.”

“We can see by giving to this charity, direct benefits. A lot of big charities, you don’t quite know where the money’s going, but the Football Foundation has been very effective” said Steve Horne.

If you would like to find out more information on the New Zealand Football Foundation and the different types of donations that can be made to support the game please visit

Our Partners & Supporters

Every team needs supporters.  At the New Zealand Football Foundation we are so grateful for our partners who believe in Football For Good just as much as we do. They know the power of sport to make real change in society and they are committed to helping us do the māhi to support our communities.  The generosity of our partners is crucial to enable us to support so many worthy projects.  

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