Applicant Category Federation Description
Auckland Football Federation Equip Auckland Development of a “Home for Football”
Grace Jale Talent Auckland direct support
Western Suburbs Soccer Club Talent Capital Tournament travel and associated costs
Tararua Sports Club Promote Capital Funds for coaching for “Football for Schools”
Kapiti Coast United Sports Club Equip Capital Funding for apparel and training equipment
Eastbourne Football Club Equip Capital Equipment and players strip
Petone Football Club Equip Capital Junior Dev. Programme equipment/resources
Evelyn (Evie) Millynn Talent Capital Relocation costs to Akl for U-20 Women’s Squad
Pesili Jr Vaka Talent Capital NTC and FTC fees
Martinborough Soccer Equip Capital Promotion of game and equipment
Pukerua Bay Soccer Club Equip Capital Coach education and club resources
Eastland Junior Football Equip Cent Coach education and club resources
Hokowhitu Junior FC Promote Cent Refugee/low socio economic players’ fees/gear etc
Taradale AFC Equip Cent Funding for coaching clinic
Inglewood AFC Equip Cent Training equipment and gear purchase
Milson United JFC Engage Cent Training equipment and promotion of the club
The Lack Family Talent Cent Rep and Fed fees for 3 junior players in the family
Feilding United FAC Inc Talent Cent Travel costs for 2 rep players
Nomads United AFC Equip Mainland Equipment/resources
Malvern FC Equip Mainland Equipment/resources
Ashleigh Ward Talent Mainland Relocation costs to Akl for U-20 Women’s Squad
Liam Gerathy Talent Mainland Costs of attending tournaments/apparel etc
Marist Soccer Whangarei Coaching NFF Coach and player training
Keeper’s Ball Coaching Academy Coaching NFF Purchase of specialised equipment
NTC Auckland NZF NTC participant support
NTC Wellington NZF NTC participant support
NTC South Island NZF NTC participant support
Kickstart NZ Talent NZF US College System programme
Refereedevelopment Coach NZF Participation in 2012/13 UEFA Core Programme
FootballSouth Engage South Futsal Development
Joel Craig Stevens Talent South Airfares and homestay fees in US pre-scholarship
Mornington AFC Equip South Part funding for expansion
Kate Guildford Other South Boarding expenses due to financial hardship
Southend United Junior FC Equip South Equipment to deliver “Soccer Academy” at club level
Meadowbank United FC Coaching South Fees for Level 1 and 2 Coaching Courses
James Robert McGarry Talent South Homestay expenses
Mary Fraser Talent South Relocation costs to Akl for U-20 Women’s Team
Eastern BOP Football Clubs Equip WaiBOP Equipment for implementation of NZF Junior Framework
Kawerau Town Assoc. Football Club Equip WaiBOP Eexpansion equipment/resources
Kate Loye Talent WaiBOP Travel/homestay fees – U-20 Womens Team
Olivia Chance Talent WaiBOP Relocation costs to Akl for U-20 Women’s Squad
Andre Gundersen Engage WaiBOP Fees, training gear etc


Category Key
Engaging kids and their families Engage
Promoting football and keeping teenagers participating Promote
Supporting talented players to achieve excellence Talent
Providing world class coaching opportunities Coaching
Improving provision of football facilities and resources Equip